Pasta Di Gragnano Spaghetti 500gIt’s a pretty bold claim to suggest that our new pasta – Pasta Di Gragnano – is the best in the world. We do however have a heavyweight advocate supporting us.

In their article by Italian specialist Livia Henger in the April 2019 edition of Forbes Magazine they make exactly that claim.

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Not only does the area of Gragano boast a 1000-year history of pasta making, but has adopted modern production and marketing methods. Located on a hilltop between Monti Lattari and the Amalfi Coast, Gragnano is celebrated for its air-dried, bronze-extruded pasta across the world. It is created south of Vesuvius in Southern Italy from domestically-produced Duram wheat. Pasta Di Gragano is now recognised my connoisseurs for its taste and quality. And lets face it…the Italians know a thing or two about pasta…

We carry the Gragnano Pasta Di Napoli 500g. Pastificio Lucio Carofalo, a Traditional Extra Long Italian Spaghetti made from Durum Wheat Semolina.

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Located in the region Campania, Gragnano was one of these few territories in which the “white gold” (as the gragnanesi – Gragnano townsfolk – call pasta today) became part of a mass production. Despite the encouraging start, a series of unfortunate events, such as famines, epidemics, and droughts, prevented this business from growing further. It was only in the 18th century that Pasta di Gragnano became a proper brand. It was first sold in the nearby regions before then spreading all over Italy.

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