Sheep Cheeses

Sheep cheeses from Sagebury Fine Foods. Fresh and delicate or rich and complex – our favourite goat’s and sheep’s cheeses are uniquely special.

Sheep’s cheeses vary from soft and sumptuous to firm and dense. Rich sheep’s milk creates creamy, luxurious cheeses which can be fruity and nutty as well as sweet.

You may have already eaten sheep’s cheese without knowing it, as some of the most famous imported cheeses are (or, at least, can be) made from sheep milk: Feta (Greece, Italy, and France), Ricotta and Pecorino Romano (Italy) and Roquefort (France).

Try drizzling honey on goat’s cheese or soft sheep’s cheese, or perhaps with a sprinkling of walnuts. Firm sheep’s cheeses, in conclusion, are ideal for tapas.

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