Pommery Mustard – Moutarde De Meaux 500g



Moutarde De Meaux is a Pommery Mustard that is made in France. A classic French wholegrain Mustard from the oldest producers of Mustard in France. Packed in traditional stoneware jars to maintain the strength as well as the freshness of the mustard, this marvellous condiment is appreciated by gourmets everywhere. This medium strength wholegrain mustard makes the perfect base for your vinaigrette. It is also wonderful served alongside your favourite meats or folded into a potato salad. Pommery Mustard contains water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt & spices in a stoneware jar, Chill once opened.

The Moutarde de Meaux Pommery is a world renowned trade mark whose origins go up at 1632. The quality of this product has lasted the test of time across the centuries to still be found on dinner table today meals. This wholegrain mustard is presented in a stoneware pot of 500g with natural cork stopper and red wax seal.

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