La Perruche Rough Cut Pure Cane Brown Sugar Cubes 1kg



La Perruche Rough Cut Pure Cane Brown Sugar Cubes 1kg. La Perruche is a traditional French product. The subtle flavour of the Brown Sugar Cubes blends in perfectly with the delicate taste of fine coffee.

A perennial grass native to Asia, sugar cane has been highly appreciated for its sweetness over millennia. For instance, the humid, sunny climes of tropical latitudes provide perfect growing conditions. When crushed, it therefore produces a sweet, aromatic juice which is transformed into syrup. Within this, the first golden-coloured crystals appear. In addition, La Perruche originally comes from Reunion Island, full of the savours and scents of a tropical garden. It is therefore not by chance that it bears the name of this exotic, shimmering little parakeet.

At the end of the 18th century, France was the leading sugar trader in Europe and the port of Nantes played an important role. Cane was processed there as it arrived from the islands. La Perruche is the fruit of a family saga based in Nantes: the delicious secret recipe was invented in 1828 in André Cossé’s confectionery workshop. In 1856, two Cossé sons took up the torch and created a refinery in Nantes. However. they continued to manufacture the traditional sugars with the authentic flavours and fragrances of the tropical islands, without changing their father’s original recipe. The unique flavour of their sugars won them several medals at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1889, the year famous for the construction of the Eiffel Tower. In conclusion, this exceptional recognition gave rise, the following year, to the brand name of “A la Perruche”.

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