Frome Garden Pure Honey 454G



Frome Garden Pure Honey 454G. We love local Somerset produce, and this is the most local of all; pure honey made right here in Frome!

Sweet floral honey with a distinctly strong taste that only comes from pure unpasteurized raw honey. Pure Natural Healthy Raw Unpasteurised Honey Handmade in small batches. Frome Garden Pure Honey is raw honey with a high pollen count, and from a single origin.

People have used raw honey in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. This sweet, natural substance may contain healthful elements that processed honey does not have.

Honey provides a range of health benefits. Raw honey, which comes straight from the beehive, contains healthful bee pollen, bee propolis, and plenty of antioxidants.

Research has not confirmed that raw honey has more health benefits than regular honey, but some people believe that the processing and pasteurization that regular honey undergoes diminishes many of the beneficial elements. Some people believe that because of this, raw honey provides more health benefits than regular honey.

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