Clement Faugier Chestnut Spread Sweetened 500g



Clement Faugier Sweet Chestnut Puree or Chestnut Spread (Creme de Marrons) is a delicious ingredient in many desserts. A French classic created by Clement Faugier, the perfect consistency and more importantly the perfect flavour of sweet chestnuts! A must-try for any dessert and perfect in this 500g tin. Alternatively, try using it to sandwich a sponge cake or just spread on toast. Perfect for making the classic French Mont Blanc dessert with whipped cream. Often imitated but this Creme de Marron de l’Ardeche is simply the best – still made to the recipe created by Clement Faugier in 1885.

This premium quality chestnut spread is 100% natural with no preservatives, colourings and additives. Chesnut spread makes a great topping for crêpes and waffles and a nice addition to yoghurts and other desserts.
Chestnuts from the Ardeche region of France are praised for their great quality and taste. Clément Faugier has therefore been manufacturing the finest chestnut spreads and purées from local chestnuts. Available in a large 500g tin

Clement Faugier Chestnut Spread

The story of Clément Faugier, or how two families linked their history to that of the Ardèche chestnut. It was in 1882 when the local Ardèche economy was going through a crisis, that Clément Faugier, a young man from the region, created the first factory of Chestnuts in Privas. With a gastronomic tradition, he combines innovation and daring, thus achieving the industrial production of Marron Glacé while retaining the qualities of artisanal know-how. The history of Clément Faugier was perpetrated by the children, in particular Charles Faugier “master confectioner” whose son, Jean, joined forces with the Boiron family, the main supplier of chestnuts.

Since 1970, Claude Boiron and today his son Jean-David Boiron now chairman of the company, perpetuating the traditions established by Clément FAUGIER. Linking the two ends of the chain, of the chestnut and the chestnut of quality to a production respectful of traditions, Etablissements Clément Faugier today tells a story made from passion and consistency, where the meeting of two professional practices combine perfectly.

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