Mysore Dark Coffee

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This Mysore Dark Coffee is rich, soft, smooth and velvet. It has a full-bodied, dry finish, with characteristic tobacco, chocolate and clove hints. There is a sweet, bright aroma. It has a malty, biscuit aftertaste. We suggest these beans for dark, rich, espressos and americanos or just as a boisterous filter coffee. Full-bodied with low acidity. Indian Mysore is an excellent full bodied, complex coffee with a wonderful aroma and rich taste. It is aromatic with some spiciness perhaps because it is grown near spice crops. There is also a taste of unsweetened chocolate such as is used in baking.


From Southwest India in the Karnataka state (known as the Mysore area) come well-balanced coffees that are robust and full-flavoured. Winey and heavy bodied with low acidity, they offer good aroma and deep color.

Coffee production in India is primarily found in the southern part of India, with the most production in Karnataka. Beans came to India, as the story goes, by Baba Budan who smuggled them out of Yemen in the late 1600’s. Coffee beans were not exported for many years after their initial planting. In fact it wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that the British began the exportation of these Indian beans. Around the late 1800’s India’s coffee plantations began to be threatened. In Sri Lanka at this time, coffee plantations were damaged by the disease coffee rust. They were slowly being taken over by the newly emerging tea plantations. India experienced both of these factors in the coffee industry, but not to the same extent as Sri Lanka.

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