Kenya Peaberry Coffee Beans


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Kenya Peaberry Coffee Beans provide an evenly-roasted bright, aromatic, soft and uplifting coffee. Peaberry is a particular type of coffee bean formed when the two seeds of a berry become fused into one.

Peaberry beans roast differently from the corresponding flat berry beans. To ensure an even roast in high-grade coffee peaberry beans are often separated. Many consider that peaberries are more flavoursome than regular beans.

Coffee brewed from Kenya Peaberry Coffee Beans tastes different from the coffee from normal beans from the same crop. This is because the different bean shape leads to different roasting characteristics. Peaberry coffee is typically more brightly acidic and more complex in the upper aromatic ranges of the profile. However it is somewhat lighter in body than coffee made from normally shaped beans from the same batch. However, the claim that Peaberry beans roast better and more evenly than flat beans because their rounder shape allows the berries to roll more easily has not been substantiated

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