Java Dark Coffee Beans

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These Java Dark Coffee Beans has a unique smokey flavour, and is rich and heavy. It is great as that first cup of the day to envigorate you!

It is common for dark-roasted coffees to taste slightly bitter, smokey or even slightly burnt. While this is favoured by many Coffee Connoisseurs around the world, our Java Dark Roast offers a more subtle tone. It suits many different palates and is an excellent introduction to the world of dark-roasted Coffee.

Java Dark Coffee Beans are unique in flavour and aroma; with unmistakeable characteristics and a distinct profile. The beans are left for a couple of years to fully mature before roasting, a quality seldom found elsewhere in the Coffee-producing world. Roasting Coffee Beans bring out the aroma and flavour locked inside. Before the roasting takes place, Green Coffee Beans bear little resemblance to their roasted counterparts. Instead, Green Coffee Beans are soft and spongy when bitten, and smell grassy. All of this changes in due course once the coffee is ready to be roasted.

Java Dark Roast Coffee comes, as the name suggests, from the Indonesian island of Java. The island is famous for its production of high quality coffee. Java Dark is a dark-roasted coffee, one that boasts a heavy body and acidity with defined sweet notes.

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