Costa Rican Medium Roast Coffee Beans


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Pure Costa Rican Medium Roast Coffee. This Speciality Costa Rican coffee is medium rich, nutty, fine and delicate. This full bodied coffee has a robust richness, high acidity and a smooth clean finish. 100% Pure Costa Rica Coffee Beans for a smooth, bright cup, well balanced with a subtle chocolatey flavour. Medium roasted whole beans allowing the true flavour characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste experience.

These Costa Rican Medium Roast Coffee beans are Grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil, where the cherries ripen more slowly which give it a rich and hearty flavour. Fair Trade Certified and Rain Forest Alliance Certified to care for the workers and the earth.

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Costa Rican Medium Roast Coffee Beans – 100% Arabica

You may have heard us go on about Arabica beans before. But for those of you who’ve miss out on the conversation, know that they are generally considered the superior type of coffee bean. This is because Arabica beans tend to produce a more complex, tasteful, and full-bodied flavour profile. This is important to know because Costa Rica has actually made it illegal to produce any other type of coffee. Because of their commitment to producing and exporting only the highest quality coffee, the law was passed in 1989.

The goal was to push coffee farmers across the nation to commit to the same idea of excellence that had permeated the general consciousness. While Arabica beans are more difficult to grow, the results are truly worth it. Plus, Costa Rican farmers have gotten this specific production down to a delicious science.

Environmental Factors

The environment plays a HUGE role in both the growing process and eventual flavour of coffee beans. Thus, Costa Rica’s climate is almost as responsible for the great tasting coffee as their commitment to Arabica. Like we mentioned before, Arabica-producing plants can be a little finicky and delicate. So, it takes a very specific environment to make the move to exclusively produce the strain viable–and Costa Rica has it.

The Climate

Costa Rican climate is well loved by tourists and Arabica alike. The mountainous regions and temperate weather has created an oasis for the production of premium coffee. Because the temperature remains largely the same (between 63 and 80 °F), the only seasonal distinctions are between the dry and wet seasons.

The vast majority of the coffee farmland is located in the mountainous region of the nation, and the altitude combined with the heavy rainfall ensures a bountiful coffee industry.

The Soil

Soil, like the weather, intensely impacts the aroma, flavour, and overall body of coffee. So it’s unsurprising that Costa Rica’s soil is just as unique as their climate. Enriched by volcanic ash, the soil lends the beans a richer profile as the beans are more oxygenated than in other regions.

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