Stockan’s Orkney Thin Oatcakes 100g



Stockan’s Orkney Thin Oatcakes are packed with the goodness of oats. They contain high fibre and a low GI, as well as having  a great taste.

Stockan’s Oatcakes are packed full of premium oats, which are linked to numerous health benefits.  Oats are considered a superfood by many. Their high fibre and low GI mean wholegrain oats work to slow your digestion and keep you feeling fuller longer – in other words, curbs your cravings and can promote weight loss.

Beta-glucans in oats stimulate the immune system and a have the effect of lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease. Scottish oatcakes were a staple food and were eaten with every meal rather than bread.  Oatcakes deliver a boost of good carbohydrates and are eaten with soup, or served with meat or fish.

Stockan’s Orkney Thin Oatcakes use non-hydrogenated oils in all our products. It is vegetable oil, so suitable for vegetarians and is a blend of sustainable palm and rapeseed. We would like to assure you that we take the sourcing of all our ingredients very seriously. Stockan’s are certified members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and undergo annual audits. We support the RSPO principles to develop and enforce standards for sustainable palm oil production.

They also appear on Act for Wildlife’s sustainable palm oil shopping list . This has been created to list manufacturers who are therefore committed to using only 100% certified sustainable palm oil in their products.

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