Roka Cheese Crispies 100g



Roka Cheese Crispies 100g. The cheese biscuits are made to the original recipe from 1949, by the Dutch patissier Jo Roodenrijs, the founder of ROKA. After that, the ROKA brand became synonymous with crispy cheese biscuits and sticks for connoisseurs.

Gouda Cheese has been Holland’s most famous cheese for many years. This fantastic cheese has a strong, nutty taste which has not changed since the Gouda was first introduced centuries ago. Above all the exquisite taste of this fine cheese is a result of the 12-month long maturation period. This creates a full flavour right from the beginning. Only the finest old Gouda Cheese is selected to make the ROKA Cheese biscuits.

The company ROKA was founded in 1949 in Delft by Jo Roodenrijs. The name ROKA comes from his family name ROodenrijs and KAastabletten (which means cheese crispies). That is to say, Mr Roodenrijs was the real creator of the unique Cheese Crispies. He always strived to deliver the best quality to his customers. For instance, KLM Airlines and the Holland America Line were some of his most famous customers.

In conclusion, these biscuits are made with refined puff-pastry (90 layers), 30% carefully matured old Gouda cheese and other high-quality ingredients. Most importantly, they offer an intense and dominant cheese taste that melts on the tongue. These lovely biscuits accompany cheese wonderfully.

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