Fortt’s Original Bath Oliver Biscuits


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Fortt’s Original Bath Oliver Biscuits. Our Fortt’s Original Bath Oliver Biscuits are thin, crisp, ivory-coloured biscuits with light perforations. Fortt’s Original Bath Oliver biscuits are made to a traditional recipe developed in Bath, England. They are made from fat, flour, milk, yeast and are sold in a white paper cylinder. They are a simple biscuit that goes so well with cheese.  In other words, they are the biscuit of choice for many wine buffs for cheese and wine parties.

Fortt’s Original Bath Olivers are low-bake, pale, wheatflour biscuits. They are slightly raised with yeast, unsweetened and lightly salted. They are typically 75mm in diameter and 6mm thick with perforations all over the surface. Fortt’s Bath Olivers are suitable for vegetarians.

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Bath Olivers were invented around 1750 by physician William Oliver of Bath, Somerset (1695-1764). He created them for patients taking Bath’s restorative waters. This gave the biscuit its name. When Oliver died, he left the recipe for the Bath Oliver biscuit to Mr Atkins, his coachman. The bequest also included £100 and ten sacks of the finest wheat-flour. Atkins set up his biscuit-baking business and therfore became rich. After that, The business passed to a man named Norris, who sold out to a baker called Carter. It is possible that several Bath bakers were producing the biscuit in competition at this time.

During the nineteenth century the Bath Oliver biscuit recipe passed to James Fortt. His company continued to produce the biscuit well into the second half of the twentieth century. Today, Bath Olivers are produced under licence by the Jacob’s Bakery.

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