Furniss Cornish Fairings Biscuits 3x200g



Furniss Cornish Fairings Biscuits 3x200g. Furniss of Cornwall’s Cornish Fairings biscuit recipe has been handed down from generations. Using ginger, cinnamon, coriander and pimento to give that warmed, spiced taste – the rest is our little secret! This pack contains a choice of 3x 200g Fairings: the original is lightly gingery with a lingering, melt-in-the-mouth finish; Stem Ginger & Honey – a classic combination that never fails to please; and Orange and Lemon – a classic warmly tangy flavour combination that captures the spirit of the grand old Cornish fairs.

Protecting what you love is only natural. In 2007, Furniss secured an official trademark to preserve Cornwall’s most famous biscuit. Now they’re the only bakery licensed to make Original Cornish Fairings™. If you find yourself eating only one then stopping, please check the pack…they might be imposters!

Cornish through and through, Cornish Fairings should be gently spicy, crunchy and very moreish. The name ‘Fairing’ comes from a present bought at the fairs which were held every year at Whitsuntide and Corpus Christi – a little gift for a loved one or a sweetheart consisting of a gingerbread, sugared almonds, cinnamon sticks or macaroons.
  • Spicy, crunchy and very moreish
  • Lovingly made to a traditional recipe
  • Delicious for any occasion
  • 200g Original Fairings; 200g Orange and Lemon Fairings; and 200g Ginger and Honey Fairings

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