Wigmore Village Maid Sheeps Cheese

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Wigmore Village Maid Cheese is a ewe’s milk cheese from the Berkshire region and was created by Anne Wigmore.

A semi-soft cheese made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk with vegetarian rennet. Wigmore has a complex and fruity richness with a delicate texture. Delicate and creamy cheese with a gentle flavour. Its light texture and delicacy makes this a cheese of real refinement.

Wigmore cheese is a traditional hand-made washed curd cheese. This is a method of cheese-making used widely across Europe. It is a vegetarian cheese made from unpasteurised milk using vegetable rennet and a washed curd. It is made with thermised sheep’s milk and vegetarian coagulant. As a result, this reduces the whey and keeps the cheese smooth and mild. Wigmore has a complex and fruity richness with a delicate texture. The flavours range from mild and milky to meaty and nutty depending on age. Similarly, It is creamy and soft beneath the rind and chalky and firm in the centre.

Wigmore is a unique white-rinded semi-soft ewe’s milk cheese. It has achieved many awards over the years, For instance, Best English Cheese at the British Cheese Awards and Best Semi-Soft Cheese at the Artisan Cheese Awards. Sheep milk is higher in fat and protein than cow and goat milk and has a sweeter taste and higher nutritional content. In addition, it, therefore, has higher levels of zinc and B vitamins too. Almost half of the fatty acids in sheep milk are mono or polyunsaturated despite a higher fat content

Anne started Village Maid Cheese after 10 years working for the National Institute for Research in Dairying. She started in the microbiological department, where she consequently learned her craft of cheese-making in their research dairy. With husband Andy, her family and hard-working staff, they continue to produce award-winning artisan cheeses.

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