Rosary Soft Goats Cheese Log

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Rosary soft goats cheese is an English handmade cheese made from the milk of British Saanen goats. It is produced by Chris and Clare Moody on their family farm on the border of Hampshire and Wiltshire. The name is taken from their family home “The Rosary”.

Rosary goats cheese is best enjoyed simply with biscuits or crusty bread, or sliced and grilled on toast. Similarly this moist and velvety goats cheese offers a melt in-the-mouth sensation with a light and fluffy texture. It works well, in addition, for omelettes or for traditional cheesecake recipes. Rosary Plain is a creamy, cleansing, clean flavour – with a natural hint of fresh lemon and clear goaty aftertaste.

The chevre cheese is made with pasteurized milk and vegetarian rennet, and is therefore suitable for vegetarians. It is a beautifully soft cheese shaped into logs. The combination of creamy taste and light fluffy texture has rewarded Rosary Soft goats cheese with a number of awards. For instance, these include the British Cheese Awards 2014’s Supreme Champion award.

This cheese is best enjoyed a minimum of three days after production, and removed from the fridge at least one hour before eating to therefore ensure the full flavour is experienced.

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