Monte Enebro Hard Goats Cheese

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Monte Enebro Hard Goats Cheese is a cheese that is made from goats milk. Monte Enebro Hard Goats Cheese is quite simply one of the very best goat’s cheeses in the world. This cheese is a multi-winner at the World Cheese of the Year awards.

This pasteurised goats cheese log is also known as Queso de Tietar. This is because itis only made in Valle de Tietar in the province of Avila in Castilla y Leon, Spain. A gentle, soft cheese with a lemony taste,The log is coated in ash and mould. It has a strong and salty flavour; The internal paste stays moist the cheese avoids many of the considered negatives of strong goat’s cheese such as sharpness, soapiness or dryness. Therefore his is a superb goat’s cheese best enjoy it with sweet white wines or with sweey jellies.

Originally made by father and daughter team, Rafael & Paloma Báez at the Quesería del Tietar,. Sadly Rafael died in 2012, so Paloma and her children now continue the traditional methods.

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