Capricorn Goats Cheese 100g



Capricorn is a fresh goats cheese that matures for ten days at the Lubborn creamery at Cricket St Thomas and continues to ripen after it is packaged. When young it is mild and crumbly with a slightly nutty flavour.

Capricorn Somerset Goat Cheese is made from pasteurised goat’s milk at The Lubborn Creamery in Somerset, England. It is available in a 100g drum. The cheese is made from milk collected from local farms situated in the beautiful valley of Cricket St Thomas, surrounded by lush dairy pastures. Since 1983, the cheese has won an outstanding 43 awards.

Vegetarian rennet is used in the production of the cheese making Capricorn suitable for vegetarians. The cheese ripens from the outside towards the centre. During the maturing process, the cheese is gently sprayed with salt. In ten days, an identifiable edible white coat grows on the cheese, after which it is wrapped in breathable material to allow it to ripen.

Capricorn Somerset Goat Cheese has a firm and crumbly texture when young, it softens with ageing. The 100kg drum has a gentle velvety soft white coat and slightly nutty flavour. As it ripens from the outside towards the centre, the cheese develops a creamier flavour. The deli version of the cheese is more creamy, mild and full flavoured.

Capricorn Goats Cheese is served with sesame crackers, fresh figs and can also be put on top of salads. It can be paired with a glass of dry white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc.

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