Gouda Cheese With Cumin



Dutch Gouda With Cumin. This is the Kroon classic Gouda Holland cheese flavoured with cumin. The cumin seeds give this mild and creamy cheese a pleasant, slightly spicy taste. It is a perfect filling for a luxury sandwich, as a tasteful appetizer or dessert. Consider it a semi-hard cow’s milk flavoured cheese, which is good with a nice white Riesling.

Kroon Gouda Holland is produced and ripened in the classic Dutch cheese making tradition. It is matured for 12 weeks to give it a full flavour and rich taste. Gouda cheese has a wide range of applications: for instance in sandwiches, as a snack, as an ingredient in hot and cold dishes, and similarly as an item on the cheese platter.

Named after the Dutch town “Gouda”, which has a rich cheese making tradition, Gouda is creamy, with a slightly strong and robust flavour. In addition it is smooth with a hint of caramel. Whether mild or matured, Gouda therefore tastes great in sandwiches or grated on top of salads.

As Gouda cheese gets older, its taste becomes more strong and pronounced. Gouda is typically aged approximately 4 – 6 months, and after that  is clad in distinctive yellow wax and protective clear cello foil.

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