Delice De Cremier French Cheese


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Delice De Cremier is a soft, ripe, bloomy rind cheese from the Burgundy region of France . Delice De Cremier (also known as Délice de Bourgogne or Burgundy Delight) was first created in 1975 by Jean Lincet at Fromagerie Lincet. It is a soft-ripened triple-cream cheese . The creamy texture results from the extra cream that is added during the cheese-making process.  It is so refreshing on the palette, it is classed as a pudding cheese.

From Burgundy in south-west France, the bloomy white mould rind will soften the outside of the cheese when allowed to ripen. Under the thin white rind the interior is super-decadent. Rich and creamy with a cakey, whipped texture. It will literally melt in your mouth. It is absolutely stunning at any time of year when cows’ milk is coming to its best. This rich, cream cow’s milk cheese has crème fraîche is added to the milk durning the cheesemaking process. The  result is a soft, sweet and buttery flavour with a hint of salt and slight tang on the finish. Modelled on the famous triple cream cheese Brillat Savarin, but has a lovely tang.

Serve this indulgent triple cream with a spoon full of jam and a glass of bubbly at your next get together!

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