Cornish Blue Cheese


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Cornish Blue Cheese is a vegetarian, hand-made, pasteurised, cow’s milk cheese. It is dry salted by hand before being left to mature for between 12 and 14 weeks. The blue veins are made by piercing the cheeses each week with stainless steel rods. This allows them to air thus helping the blue mould spread throughout. The flavour is very soft, mellow and sweet.

Cornish Blue has been produced on the Stansfield’s farm on Bodmin Moor since 2001. At that time milk prices had collapsed and dairy farmers were facing a struggle to survive. In the search for a new revenue stream Phillip and Carol Stansfield starting thinking about making cheese. They noticed that there was no blue cheese being made in Cornwall. Phillip enrolled on a cheesemaking course at Cheshire College of Agriculture. He turned a former bottling plant at the end of the milking parlour into a cheese production facility. Therefore Cornish Blue was on its way.

“With milk prices down to around 15p per litre we had to find a way of generating a different income stream. We did about two years research through the MDC, British Cheese Board and DEFRA, and the first thing we noticed was that there was no blue cheese being made in Cornwall.

We decided we didn’t want to compete with Stilton and when we looked at softer, milder blue cheeses, we discovered they were all imported. It was clear that there was a gap in the market for a British made milder blue cheese and we already had a name for it – Cornish Blue”

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