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Cashel Blue Cheese is full of character but not strong. Cashel Blue is pleasant, firm and creamy-edged with an established blue-cheese character and a mouth-watering tanginess. When matured for 3 months Cashel Blue takes on a richer, fuller and rounder yet not strong flavour. As time passes Cashel Blue becomes creamier. It gains a more balanced in flavour as the saltiness, blueness and gentle milky elements integrate together. After 3 months a gentle touch of spice may become apparent. Cashel Blue can age up to 6 months of age becoming increasingly unctuous in texture with age. After that the taste intensifies. We advise you to eat this cheese young while the delicatte flavours are at their best.

Cashel Blue is hand-made, semi-soft, mildly blue veined and slightly acidic blue cheese with a creamy texture. For instance, over half the milk used in the production of Cashel Blue comes from their own farm. The rest is sourced from farms located nearby. The cheese was named after the Rock of Cashel overlooking the pastures close to the farm. In conclusion, it has large blue flecks, made by the action of Penicillium roqueforti, the same fungus used in Roquefort, Stilton, and other blue cheeses.


J&L Grubb was set up by Jane and Louis Grubb in 1984 at their farm in Beechmount, near Fethard, South Tipperary. Jane therefore originally experimented in an old copper brewer’s vat before settling on the recipe for their first cheese, Cashel Blue. Cashel Blue has a balanced amount of blue veining which adds a lift to the rich, full-flavoured paste. This is an easy-eating blue cheese with a pleasantly buttery texture. It is made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian coagulant.

Cashel Blue is made from the milk of Jane and Louis’ own herd of 110 Fresian cows on their 200 acre estate in Tipperary. It is made in a similar way to Roquefort although it is softer, more moist and less salty. When young the cheese is firm and relatively moist with a fresh and slightly sharp flavour.

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