Bresse Bleu Cheese 250g



With its refined blue-cheese character and unsurpassed creaminess, Bresse bleu is the creamiest of all blue cheeses. Naturally rich in calcium, it is less salty than most blue cheeses (30% less salt compared to other blue-veined cheeses). Made from pasteurized milk (95%), cream (3%), salt and culture, it has a fat content of 31%.

Bresse Bleu, a nationally-branded cheese, is a cross between a blue cheese and a Camembert. In production, Penicillium roqueforti (the mold used in production of Roquefort and other blue cheeses) is introduced to the curds before molding. After molding, the small rounds are rubbed with Penicillium camemberti, the mold responsible for Camembert’s fuzzy white coating.

Aged for 2-4 weeks, Bresse Bleu has a soft, spreadable cream-colored paste with patches of blue-green veining. It’s less salty and less pungent than other blue cheeses, making it a good choice for those usually wary of blues. Taste is lactic with aromas of mushrooms and a slight kick of spiciness from the blue veins.

Bresse Bleu is a soft blue cheese made from pasteurized milk from the Rhône valley of France. It is also known as Bleu de Bresse was invented in 1950 by the cheese makers of northeastern France as a smaller copy of Gorgonzola.The cheese has a smooth, off-white rind and the paste is pale and creamy with patches of greenish-blue veining. There is a light milky aroma and a mild mushroomy flavour.