Somerset Brie

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Somerset Brie is a soft British cheese hailing, like Sagebury Fine Foods, from Somerset. This mild Brie is Made at Cricket St Thomas by Lubborn Cheese. The cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It comes in a cylindrical shape and has a smooth white natural rind. Underneath the rind, the texture is smooth and creamy. It is creamy with a mild, fresh flavour and a soft edible white rind. The brie is an award-winning British soft cheese that offers something of different to cheeseboards and recipes. However, this is probably Britain’s best-selling vegetarian‚ soft white cheese.


Modern, creamy, soft white cheese made with cows’ milk.  It has a velvety‚ smooth‚ white edible rind and a mushroomy aroma. This best-selling British soft cheese with a velvety smooth white rind. Brie matures in six weeks with a fat content of 50%. Made with vegetarian rennet. The aromas are therefore fresh, mushroomy, and grassy, while the flavours are generally mild. Above all, Somerset Brie can be used in sandwiches and salads and similarly, is often served with cherries or apples.

Production of Somerset Brie

Brie is a dairy product made from milk, which means the quality of the cheese depends on the quality of the milk. The cheese-making process with the freshest milk which is then pasteurised. The vegetarian rennet is added into the pasteurised milk and then left to form a junket. This creates the delicious creamy texture that cheese connoisseurs love. After that, the soft curds are poured into the round moulds. The brie then rests while the fluffy rind develops. Allowing the cheese to mature is also important for the brie to develop its texture and flavour. Traditionally brie was kept in cellars where these moulds naturally attached themselves. Thankfully modern techniques have superseded that!

Serving Somerset Brie

Brie will continue to ripen so you can enjoy the cheese how you like it; from young and firm to runny and ripe. It’s great as an addition to your cheeseboard, but similarly good when spread lavishly on French bread. Serve with a crisp white wine like Graves or Entre-Deux-Mers or a white Sauvignon. Alternatively, perhaps pair it with a soft rounded red Burgundy. After all, you’ve earned it!

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