Barbers Farmhouse Mature Cheddar

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Barbers Farmhouse Mature Cheddar. The Maryland Farm Barbers Farmhouse Mature Cheddar is made by the Barber family at Maryland Farm in Ditcheat near Shepton Mallet, Somerset. It is made to their traditional recipe and matured for at least 12 months to give it a nice strong creamy flavour. It makes an ideal gift for someone who loves Somerset Cheddar.


We mature our Farmhouse Waxed Truckles for 12 months, using traditional starter cultures and techniques. They are then packaged in black wax, as they have been for generations. Barbers Farmhouse Mature Cheddar also has PDO status. This means that you’re experiencing the taste of authentic West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.

Serving Barber’s Cheddar

Enjoy toasted on freshly baked bread, with just a dash of Worcestershire Sauce. Great too with pickles and chutneys on a warm baguette.

History of Barber’s Farmhouse Mature Cheddar

The Barber family have been making cheddar cheese for longer than anyone else worldwide. We combine the finest West Country milk with traditional manufacturing methods to produce award-winning cheese

In 1833, our ancestor Daniel Barber began making cheese on his Somerset farm. Nearly two centuries later and we’re still here, now the oldest surviving cheddar-makers in the world. We’ve made a few changes along the way, but we’re still committed to making the finest farmhouse cheddar.

We need the best West Country milk to make the best cheese. Our cows graze the pastures of Somerset to produce rich, creamy milk that we transform into our cheddar. We also work with many of our neighbouring farmers who supply us with additional milk. We’re proud to support our local farming community in this way.

We’re the sole guardians of the country’s last remaining traditional cheese starter cultures. These are the ‘friendly’ bacteria that start the cheesemaking process and contribute to the final texture, aroma and taste. Only by using these cultures can we be sure that we’re making true West Country cheddar.

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