Fosseway Fleece Sheep Cheese

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Fosse Way Fleece sheep’s cheese has a wonderfully smooth and silky texture with a fresh and clean taste that ends in a mellow afterglow.



Fosseway Fleece Sheep Cheese 1kg. Fosse Way Fleece Sheep Cheese is a hard, ewes’ milk cheese made by Phil Rainbow at The Somerset Cheese Company. They are based in the Somerset village of Ditcheat near Shepton Mallet, just a few miles from our famous store in Frome. This, therefore, makes Fosseway Fleece one of our most local Somerset Cheeses. Fosse Way Fleece sheep’s cheese takes its name from the old Roman ‘fosse way” road. This road runs close to the village of Ditcheat where the dairy is situated, on its route from Lincoln to Exeter.


Fosse Way Fleece has a smooth and silky texture with a fresh taste that ends in a mellow afterglow. The cheese has a very smooth characteristic paste.  This is an excellent cheese for those who are unable or unwilling to eat a cow’s milk cheese but would still like to enjoy a nice hard cheese. This might however be a nice gentle alternative for those who suffer lactose intolerance.

Serving Fosse Way Fleece

This mellow sheep’s milk cheddar-style cheese can nevertheless still hold its own in a Ploughman’s Lunch. Good in sandwiches, perhaps with a little pickle or fig jam, our preference would be to have it as a suppertime treat on some unsalted crackers to showcase the delicate taste. Naturally, this Somerset gem pairs well with our own local ciders and perries. In addition, if you’re a wine lover, a light rose will enhance the experience without dominating it.

Production of Fosse Way Fleece Cheese

The cheese is made from pasteurised milk and uses non-animal rennet which means it is suitable for vegetarians. Fosse Way Fleece is manufactured by the cheddaring process, but unusually uses ewe’s milk. This makes for a pearly-white cheese with a silken texture and a clean taste. It can be a gentle introduction to ewe’s milk cheeses for the otherwise uninitiated.

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