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Keen’s Cheddar Cheese – 18 months matured.  Over the past eight years, we have been working in partnership with our suppliers, the Keen family in Wincanton. A while ago we suggested to this local cheesemaker that they mature their unpasteurised cheddar for a longer period. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we are now stocking Keens 18-Month Unpasteurised Extra Mature Cheddar, which is magnificent. If you’re a lover of Local Somerset Cheeses, then Keen’s Cheddar Cheese is definitely one to seek out.

Partner with freshly baked bread, fine wine or a good beer alongside some sweet creamy Keens Cheddar.

Why not pop into our shop in Cheap Street in Frome to try Keens Cheddar Cheese? If you’re further afield then we can guarantee a quality traditional cheddar which could be the centrepiece for a cheeseboard. Alternatively, why not send it as a gift to someone who appreciates good quality flavoursome food?


Keens Cheddar is one of the top 10 British cheeses, and is made by the Keen family at Moorhayes Farm, Wincanton in Somerset. It is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk from their own herd of grass-fed cows living on the farm.

The cheddar uses a traditional recipe passed down by preceding generations. It is pressed and bathed for three days and matured for 16 to 18 months. The resulting cheese is dense with a rich and creamy texture. It has savoury, mustardy, juicy and a sharp sting at the end.

Keens is one of only a small handful of those who have survived the test of time and are making traditional cheddar the way it should be since 1898. Their raw unpasteurised milk comes from grass-fed cows living on their own farm. The herd, therefore, spend most of their days living in a 500 acre back yard and dining on lush Somerset pastures. Their precious milk is then transported a mere 50 yards to the dairy where the cheddaring happens and the cheese is then matured for up to 18 months.

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