Gough’s Cave Cheddar Cheese

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Cheddar Cheese matured in Gough’s Cave in the heart of Cheddar Gorge by the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company. The only Cheddar made in Cheddar! A unique flavour and texture. Matured for 11 to 12 months. Made with unpasteurised milk to retain the characteristics of the local pastures.

Delight your taste buds with our 12 months Cave Matured Cheddar Cheese. For the first time in living memory, Cheddar Cheese is once again matured in Gough’s Cave in the heart of Cheddar Gorge. After that, The influence of the cave environment has been remarkable in terms of texture and taste.

Matured for around 12 months in Gough’s Cave. The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company are the first cheesemakers in living memory, to mature cheddar cheese within the Natural Cheddar Gorge Caves. The taste is indeed extraordinary! Likewise, the influence of the cave environment has been remarkable in terms of texture and taste.  While some of our customers love Gough’s Cave Cheddar for its association with the caves and heritage, just as many nominate it as their favourite cheddar on taste alone, making it an extremely popular choice.

Taste of Gough’s Cave Cheddar

Gough’s Cave Cheddar is natural cave matured cheddar; smooth and well rounded. It has a soft but BIG rounded flavour. The creaminess in comparison with Mature and Vintage is notable and this cheese is unique in its complexity and character. It is bursting with unique mature flavour. So, the cheddar is complex yet creamy, smooth and well-rounded offering a subtle earthy taste.

Serving Cheddar Gorge Cheese

The delicate and softer notes in this cheddar will benefit from not being overwhelmed by flavours that are too bold. As a result, lighter style reds such as Bordeaux make a good pairing. Equally a white wine with a character such as a Sauvignon Blanc would go very well. Similarly, lighter ales and even a crisp cider make good bedfellows.

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  • Cave Matured Cheddar Cheese – The ONLY cheddar made in Cheddar
  • Bronze Medal winner at The World Cheese Awards in 2019. Shortlisted in the 2019 Great British Food Awards.
  • Silver Medal winner, Global Cheese Awards 2019
  • Creamy & Dreamy – complex, smooth flavour.
  • A special addition to a cheeseboard

Awards for Gough’s Cave Cheddar

GOLD winner at the British Cheese Awards 2009

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