Best Sellers

This is a list of the items most-purchased online at Sagebury Fine Foods.


Our best sellers change all the time. Perennial favourites like Fortt’s Bath Oliver biscuits or our wonderful range of Somerset cheeses will always be here. However we’re constantly amazed by the things you seem to love. Our best sellers can be eclectic. Sometimes they’re staple items, but quite often they are those hard-to-find items you just can’t seem to get easily anywhere else. See if your Sagebury favourites are here!


A delightful family-run, independent delicatessen and cafe. Strongly traditional, we carry an extensive range of English and continental cheeses, cooked meats and savoury products. Based in the famous Cheap Street in historic Frome in Somerset, we are long-established and therefore have built a reputation for quality beyond our renowned local status. Above all friendly and welcoming, we hope you will find something to catch your eye.

Traditional we may be, but Sagebury Fine Foods Delicatessen and Cafe is not behind the times. Most of our products are also available to you though our online store, so hopefully we can bring a little bit of our excellence and customer service direct to your door. Keep up with us on FacebookTwitter and RSS too!